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The South Sacramento Area Explorer Post 252 was established in May 2002 with 10 Explorers, and we currently have 23 active Explorers serving within our post. Since its inception, Explorer Post 252 has had the proud distinction of seeing 18 of its members graduate from the CHP Academy, all of whom are still serving as officers with one of the most prestigious and well-respected law enforcement agencies in the world - the California Highway Patrol. Our Explorers are given many opportunities to participate in tactical training sessions, ride with patrol officers, participate in community events, and attend Explorer competitions. Along the way, our Explorers are completely welcomed into the CHP family as they learn the tenets of "CHP PRIDE": Courage - Honesty - Professionalism - Principles - Respect - Integrity - Dedication - Esprit de corps! The South Sacramento Area Explorer Post 252 is continuously seeking motivated applicants for the program. For further information, please send an email inquiry to 252Explorer@chp.ca.gov. You can also contact the CHP South Sacramento Area Office at (916) 681-2300, or come to the office at 6 Massie Court in Sacramento during business hours and ask to speak with an Explorer Advisor.



Pebble Beach 1https://www.chp.ca.gov/CHPCareersSite/PublishingImages/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=1844Pebble Beach 1
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2019 1st Quarter

Explorers participated in several community and fundraising events this quarter. These included fundraising at Sacramento Kings games at Golden 1 Center, and the Pebble Beach for ATT Pro Am golf tournament in Monterey. Explorers participated in training exercises and scenarios. These included attending Level 1 training at Valley Division, drill and formations, basic stop and suspicious person scenarios, officer safety scenarios, and attending presentations in Domestic Violence, CSI, and Victimology. Explorers also participated in PMA and vehicle search training, and discussed and practiced gun control and muzzle awareness. Explorers also assisted with DRE Certs at the Area office, assisted with Cadet scenarios and PAT testing at the CHP Academy, and attended a presentation from Air Force Recruiters at the Area office. Four Explorers were promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Three Explorers and three civilian advisors are currently participating in the CHP hiring process.

2019 2nd Quarter

Explorers competed at 2019 State Capital Explorer Competition. Explorers participated in Sacramento Kings games fundraising, and fundraising at Pebble Beach for the US Open Golf Tournament. Explorers assisted with Cadet scenarios and Physical Agility Testing for CHP applicants at the CHP Academy. Explorers prepared for scenarios at the Area office and practiced basic stop, officer safety, DUI FST's, PMA, vehicle search, felony stops, and active shooter. Explorers held PT workouts at end of meetings. Explorers held a Domestic Violence presentation and practiced DV scenarios. Explorers held CSI and Victimology presentations and practiced associated scenarios. Five Explorers are participating in the CHP or allied agency hiring process.


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